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User Guide

Welcome to the People of God website.

This website has been designed to be simple to use and easy to navigate; however we understand that everyone may come up against problems at some point. We have put this user guide together to hopefully assist you in navigating the website effectively and gaining access to all of the wonderful services we provide.

If your organisation blocks the use of video sharing website YouTube then the videos will not play. Please follow the instructions provided instead.

All of the videos here can be found as downloable files with the Videos and Teachers Resources section.

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Signing up

To gain access to everything this site has to offer, your school or organization need only fill in a simple online form, or submit a printed version by post or fax.

Just click here to be taken to the Programme Signup section.

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Logging In for the first time

Once your school/organization has purchased a subscription they will b given a generic username and password. 

As a first time user you will need to use this generic login to set up your own individual account.


Enter the generic details provided to you and you will be taken to the page for setting up individual accounts. All you need to do is carefully follow the onscreen instructions and you will have access to the website within a few minutes.

From that point onwards you can log in at any time using the email and password combination you just set up. 

NB. Remember to check your spam folder for the confirmation email!!

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Logging out

The People of God website will log users out after a certain amount of time automatically, or if the same login is used to access the website from a different location.

To log yourself out simply click on the LOGOUT button in the top right of the screen and then either follow the onscreen message or close the browser tab.

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Accessing the Framework

The available framework for People of God | Called to Serve is available as PDF downloads from the website.

The Framework section is broken down into Year Groups and then further broken down into units and other files for ease of access. 

As you hover over a specific Year Group it becomes highlighted and everything else is greyed out, to help you know exactly what you're selecting.

As you move across the Year Group you can then see the separate Units, allowing you to select the specific unit you are looking for.

If you have problems with this way of selecting, you can just click the appropriate number button, such as 7, to get into the Year Group and select the Unit directly.

The files held on this website are simple to download, just by clicking the button next to the file image. However, if you want a peek at what you will be getting then just click on the file image to open up the LIGHTBOX and get a preview of the file.

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The People of God website holds a number of ready-made resources which can be used to support the framework. However, the website is intended to support the users in many ways and enable them to create their own great resources quickly and simply.

To help our users create great resources, and adapt those we provide, we provide a variety of resource elements.

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Here you will find a constantly growing selection of images from a variety of different themes. All of the images are checked for quality and are perfect for use within PowerPoint presentation, slide shows, videos, or display either on an IWB or printed. 

We want to provide a wide variety of images, for every possible occasion, but if there are specific images that you would find useful then please let us know and we will always endeavour to help.

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As with the other resource sections, this will be updated regularly with new content. The content you find here will also be affected by the feedback we receive.

All of the videos found here, whether from ourselves or other sources, can be downloaded directly or played within your browser.

The ‘in-browser’ player is YouTube. If your LA or School block sites like YouTube you will need to download the video in order to view it.

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These sections hold the ‘ready-made’ resources that we at People of God have designed and created.

The PowerPoints can be adapted easily using the appropriate program and the PDF documents we provide as task sheets can be used as templates to create other resources.

The interactive Wordsplats are fixed and cannot be altered by users, however, as with everything on the website, your feedback will have an impact on the resources we provide.

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External Websites

Simply a section of the website where we provide links to resources provided elsewhere on the net.

Here you will find links to image and video sites, as well as the websites for charities and organisations that may provide you with useful background information.

New links will be added regularly and we will endeavour to ensure that all links on the site are active and working. However, we cannot guarantee that all of the links we provide will be working at all times, and we are not responsible for, nor do we support, any information held on the sites we link to.

We look to our users to let us know if they find any links on the site that no longer work, and if you know of any websites that would be useful to other users then please let us know.

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The search function is very easy to use.

Just enter a search term or key word into the search box in the top right corner of any page, then hit enter.

You can refine your search by using the options provided.

Once you have found the file you are looking for just click the file name to download it. 



At the bottom of every page you will find the footer section. Here you will find the contact form, feedback form and order form. You will also find the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy and links to our social network pages.


If you any issues accessing anything on the website, remember you can always contact us through our online form, or calling on 01245 347 710.

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Contact Us

If you have any specific questions regarding the website then you can use our online contact form.

Alternatively, you can contact us on:

0161 427 8329

01245 347 710